In 1986, Siam Prana Farm was established in Omkoi district of Chiang Mai under the founder’s intention to maintain the rural lifestyle of ‘Pakachur Hill tribe Community’ that they are likely to live together in a big family on a big land. Nevertheless, the purpose was not well adopted due to the arrival in materialism to the community. Consequently, Siam Prana has brought out the theme of sustainable agriculture within sufficiency economy concept such as sustainable rice farming including organic agricultural farming and its products, that range from highland rice, sesame seed, green and soya beans and a wide array of herbs, under the collaborative management of Department of Agriculture and Rice Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in order to finally achieve the standard of organic farming under the theme of ‘Organic Thailand’, covering up the overall production including location, transformation, and selection proceeded within an over-140-rai piece of land. In addition to the project, it aims to create local-owned sustainable organic agriculture within the community in order that this will enhance exchanging knowledge and experience about organic farming under the concept of ‘Fair Trade’ that emphasizes on fair income distribution, equal development and fairly benefit among manufacturer, transformer and distributor through consumer. In all, this will eventually retrieve ‘the sustainable yet pleasant characteristic of Thai agriculture and well-being and good health to everyone in the community’ which is the most effective outcome.